Show Me Your Teeths (Introduction)

i just want to get rid of stress, to express myself and be thankful for everything i have – work, money (of course. hehe…), family, friends and most of all, experiences. i have gone through life-altering, mind-boggling situations because of l.o.v.e. which i could say almost everyone my age had a taste of…

example 1: asshole breaks girl’s heart.
(want the full story? go here:—my previous blog that i just started out of anger. 1 post, that’s it. pathetic. apologies, some sentences are in Tagalog.)
example 2: girl meets a worse asshole and is now starting a blog, again… haha!

basically i guess i am wiser (i hope) and i have more time to actually maintain this without all the “distractions”. plus, I’m so tired of negativity. i swore to myself that i will find a reason to say thank you, smile everyday and make someone smile too. :)

***this blog is to share my happiness with anyone who reads it. maybe some things i’ll post here are shallow, but for me , appreciating the small things makes the very little time we are given here COUNT. ***


Your two cents?

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