"Toe Touching" Our Way Around the Country

The National Cheerleading Championship (NCC) coaches went to Cagayan de Oro (CDO) for the 5th Season’s Mindanao Qualifiers. My first time waaaaaay down south of the Philippines. :)

FYI: What do we do, exactly?

Go to the
NCC Website for more info.

This trip is only one of the 5 we had for this season’s regionals. The others were held in:
1. Central Luzon

2. South Luzon
3. North Luzon
4. Visayas

In every region, we would hold a camp then a competition for all interested squads in that particular area of the Nation. NCC coaches fly or would get on a 7 hour bus ride just to get to these regions to give both high school and college cheerleaders a chance to show off their skills. We are the one and only cheerleading organization in the Philippines that gives a venue for these teams to compete. The top 3 from each region, from high school and college, will then have a chance to be named the National Champion during the finals. Bragging rights? Yes, NCC can definitely give you that. :)

Where the fudge is Cagayan de Oro anyway?

It’s only an hour and a half flight away from Manila!
Here are cheerleaders goofing around the airport :)

CDO wooot!

The Camp

Every regional, the NCC holds a camp before the qualifiers. This gives us, the coaches, the chance to share our passion and help the different teams clean up their routines. We also give them tips on how to hit stunts easier. I really enjoy this part of each regional as we get to really know not only an entire team, but to be more connected to each of the students. We get to do what we love, we teach and we also learn.
A cupie with Garde. Yes, those are my feet!
Straight ride basket toss by Elaine

White Water Rafting Time!

Cagayan de Oro is well-known for river rafting. Right after the camp, we exchanged our NCC shirts for bathing suits and board shorts to try it out. I think, in some way, we were able to use our cheerleading expertise in this extreme sport… emphasis on the “I think”.

This is one of the perks. Whenever we go to the different regions, we get to experience what the place has to offer… FOR FREE! Hahaha! :)

Aimee, Me and Boom on our way to the rapids

River rafting is so much fun! I will definitely go back to CDO and do it again!
The Competition

I have been judging for the NCC for almost 3 years already. Seeing different teams from the different provinces of the country is definitely a blessing. So many good teams are left undiscovered and we, the NCC are here to give them the opportunity to show their skills, on a national level!

Here are some photos from the competition in CDO:

Mic and Celine, my co-coaches/judges.
And that’s me at the background being so serious about the judging sheets…

Time to unwind…

After 2 fun but TIRING days, it’s time to set aside our rubber shoes and Mueller tape. :)

Below are photos from Lim Ket Kai, CDO’s party place. What a great way to spend our last night in CDO!

Who wants to go back with me? :)


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