Just do it. – Nike

Here’s my very own “draft” bucket list (in no particular order). Why draft? Because I know I can still add more stuff to it. Some are quite hard to achieve, but hey, nothing’s impossible :)

1. Sky Diving

2. Hug Britney Spears and tell her “Everything’s gonna be okay.”

3. Bunjee Jumping

4. White Water Rafting <-DONE!

5. Study dance.

6. Dance for/WITH Justin Timberlake in one of his concerts. :)

7. Get rich… as in filthy rich.

8. Drive my own Hummer.

9. Go to all the best beaches on this planet.

10. Buy a house near the beach and grow old there.

11. Experience a genuine “slow dance”.

12. Learn how to cook.

13. Drive a speedboat.

14. Do wakeboarding.

15. Buy my Dad a Rolex watch.

16. Build my Mom a house with a big ass kitchen, with everything in it.

17. Learn how play the guitar or any instrument… and master it.

18. Learn how to fire a gun and own one.

19. Go camping!

20. Have my own business and quit my job.

21. Get married and have at least 1 kid (a boy) before I’m 30.

22. Make out with Cristiano Ronaldo for at least 10 minutes… or maybe an hour… or two… or for an entire day! hahahaha!

23. Laugh so hard I start weeping. Not just cry or get teary eyed,,, but WEEP.

24. Get super drunk I would lose all inhibitions and lose consciousness. Then forget all the embarassing stuff I did that night.

25. Cut my hair uber short and color it bright red, like Haley of Paramore <-I’m planning on getting this done SOON.

26. Get a tattoo. <-I just can’t think of a design and where to put it.

27. Dance in the middle of the rain.

28. Make out with Justin Timberlake for at least 10 minutes… or maybe an hour… or two… or for an entire day! hahahaha! (just the same as #22!)

29. Have Robert Pattinson carry me on his back, then we do the “spidermonkey” scene from Twilight… or we just do the entire movie… then all the movies (New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn).

30. Try being a Toll Girl for a day and have a 1 minute chat with all the drivers that pass by my booth.

Any suggestions?


Your two cents?

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