Counting Blessings

Just SOME of the things I’m grateful for:
  • My bags: Through you, I learned how to appreciate and treat myself better
  • An upcoming business with Mary: Great way to release the negativity is to earn money out of it :)
  • My car: 3 years baby! Even if I crashed it many times, it always kept me safe and brought me anywhere I want to go.
  • My job: 3 years too! I just love the people I work with and I’m blessed I HAVE a job ;)
  • My MacBook: Without you, I will just die!
  • Internet: Do I have to explain further?
  • My sneakers and jeans: When I don’t feel like wearing heels or showing my legs off
  • The Sun: I don’t know why, but I love it when it shines right to my face. The warmth and just squinting makes me smile. :)
  • The beach: My escape from all the stress!
  • My beat up phone: Sorry I kept on dropping you, but you help me keep in touch with everyone :)
  • YM, Skype, Facebook, Gratitudelog: Interaction via cyberspace is so convenient, especially when you’re super busy with work
  • My blog: A new way for me to express myself and to share my happiness to others
  • Twilight: EDWARD!!!
  • Vuze and Limewire: I’m always updated with shows and music
  • Office warehouse, Japan Home Center and National Bookstore: I’m obsessed with school/office supplies and different knickknacks
  • My wonderful family: My weirdo, spaced out, caring mom + My super funny and hardworking dad + My irritating and sweet brothers + the very accommodating helpers + The hyperactive dogs = LOVE :)
  • I get to go out, party when I want to, hang out with the people dear to me and just enjoy life!
  • Hair ties: When I’m lazy to blow dry or iron my hair
  • My hoodies, jackets, shawls and scarves: I get cold pretty easily.
  • Our house: We just moved this year and we’ll be spending our first Christmas and New Year here! I’m excited!
  • The best friends: Old friends like “The Familee”, cheer leading friends, those from high school. Those from work. New friends like Mary and Manuel. I love all of you! THANK YOU!
  • Cheer leading & NCC: I still get to do it after college and share my passion with kids!
  • Enemies: At least I burned you out of my life and I’m left with just the greatest people in the world! haha! boooyah!
  • Good conversations with my family over a meal.
  • Emails from my friends in the States: I really miss you!
  • Tagaytay, Bag of Beans and Starbucks: Great way to bond with friends, just laugh and forget all the worries
  • Enchanted Kingdom: When I want to get a dose of adrenaline in my blood
  • My room and bed: ESCAPE. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  • My height: I can hide in small spaces if I find myself in a horror-movie like situation
  • Bob Ong and his books: Funny, easy to read, with a lot of sense – right at your face
  • I get to do whatever I want: I’m free!
  • The sleep-full days: My favorite hobby
  • Coffee: the drink that gets me goin’!
  • All the memories: Both good and bad.

These are just a few of the things I’m thankful for on a daily basis, and the list keeps on growing.

How about you? Have you thought of the things you are happy you have?

Happy Holidays!!!


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