2010 1st Quarter Recap…well, kinda.

whew! i haven’t posted anything here since January. 2 months! Been busy with work, friends, and family. hmmmm maybe it’s best to give you a recap of what’s up eh?

1. NCC National Finals for Season 5 (February): DONE! Congratulations to all the teams! you guys ROCK!!!


3. Enjoyed the beach in Bataan with my co-NCC coaches.

4. I am currently addicted to Looklet. It’s an online digital styling studio. Helps during those days when you want to be creative but too lazy to get your butt out of bed. Simply loooove it. Give me hearts!

5. I love Gratitudelog and TUT!!! These are such positive and powerful places in the web. SIGN UP NOW and add me!

6. PARAMORE CAME TO THE PHILIPPINES!!! I watched with 2 of my best friends, Pauee and Tere. Gold tickets baby! It’s true, Paramore’s awesome LIVE!!! Will definitely watch them again when they go back :) \m/

7. Surfed again! Daet, Camarines Norte, Philippines :) (March2010) Planning to go back there soon. It’s sooo worth the 10hour bus ride :)


So far, these are the highlights I can remember for the past 2 months… if I try to remember and put everything here, it’ll take me a day to tell you ALL of the great things that happened. plus there are some things I cannot say yet because of “unobvious” reasons (???) haha!

I’ll try to be more diligent in blogging. I’m just too busy with all the blessings, it’s overwhelming! I’m actually still trying to catch my breath. I love this year, I love 2010!!! (and we’ve just wrapped up the first quarter!)


Your two cents?

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