summer-dagat-sand-araw-surf brain fart

the repercussions of the choices we made in the past don’t always unfold instantly. so right after making the decision,we start second-guessing ourselves if the choice was correct,even when the judgment then was truly, irrevocably and objectively right. we fail to realize that each move we make is a part of a much bigger picture, of our own lives, of the lives of others and of The Universe. it ripples into everyone’s future, where the effects of those choices slowly come in full maturity. simultaneously, your body, heart, mind and soul are being prepared to take in that magical and awesomazing out-of-this-world phenomenon – if you let yourself perceive it that way. And when the overwhelming tsunami gets to the inevitably perfect “time”, the breathtaking YOU will fearlessly paddle towards it, while others will hold on a buoy and pray for the whole thing to be over… you will proudly stand on that wave smiling, blissfully soaking up the sun and enjoying the ride. you wouldn’t care anymore about forgetting to put on sunblock… or a bikini even :)

ok, sabi ko nga. ako na ang stoked. :)


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