Mother Nature is the Next Karate Kid

I think the earthquake could be one of the most bad-ass moves Earth can pull off on us. Take the one that just happened in Japan yesterday…

  • Earthquake strikes, with no warning whatsoever – killing people, damaging properties, buildings, etc. 

  • Fires everywhere (80 noted because of the JP quake)
  • Tsunamis follow, wiping away houses, farms, cars, affecting even far away countries

  • Just when you’re trying to recover, or at least estimate how much you’ve lost, news come out of nuclear reactors starting to heat up… and they tell you the generators to cool them off are not working because of the, yes, you guessed it… the freakin’ 8.9 earthquake. 

And we know what happens when those things overheat…
 Chernobyl, 1986
Oct 1995 – Children undergoing cancer treatment against the effects of radiation from the 
Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident in 1986
Big Mama N will take you not straight to your face, not behind your back, but right where you least expect it… underneath you.

Yesterday, she just “waxed-on, waxed-off” Japan. 

(and yes, im starting to get praning)

Anyway, I found a couple of links on the web you can check out on how to help. My favorite is Google’s.

Google’s Crisis Response – JP 2011 quake -allows users to share when they have received information that a missing person is alive or to create a record for a new missing person. It even has googlemap that will show evacuation centers/shelters for the refugees affected, blackout information,transportation status,etc. This could be the most awesome thing during a crisis like this. For me, the worst part of being a victim is feeling helpless. Now Google gave the victims a chance to do something – they can help themselves. All I can say is “Bravo Google!” (well fine, they have little or no connection over there but at least it’s something)

Even Lady Gaga is pitching in – We Pray For Japan Wristband designed by Lady Gaga
Other Links:


I’m sending my hopes and prayers out to all of Japan and the countries affected by this catastrophe. Let’s try to help out as much as we can.

“If you have much, give of your wealth; 
if you have little, give of your heart.” 
~Arabian Proverb


Your two cents?

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