song covers that make you frustrated about being in love… because you are not.

So many artists are popping out of the internet.Thanks to Youtube, another door has been opened for these talents, where most of them do song covers of chart topping hits. They even have their own albums now. Some could be better than the original or maybe worse, I’ll just let you decide. Below are some of my favorites.
Boyce Avenue. I really like most of their work. It’s Alejandro Manzano’s (vocalist) voice that makes you want to cuddle up in bed the whole day. :)
Nothin On You/My Love/Rocketeer. Original: Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Far East Movement 
 With or Without You. Original: U2

 Kina Grannis. I discovered her from collaborations with Boyce Avenue, an example is the U2 cover above. To understand more how sultry her voice is, here’s a sample from her Youtube channel.
Firework. Original: Katy Perry

Sungha Jung.Who says you have to sing? This boy could be the youngest acoustic guitar legend online.A fan commented: too bad he hasn’t started to sing, otherwise he’ll pwn Justin Bieber for sure! :P”

Grenade. Original: Bruno Mars

Jennifer Chung. I love this remix by her. I think because I love both songs she used. Good song + Good song = Awesome mix!
What’s my name/Rocketeer. Original: Rihanna, Far East Movement

Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie. I was not a fan of the original song, but this version by them – I LIKE!
Just A Dream. Original: Nelly



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