i whip my lash back and forth

eyelash fun!
by Paperself These are just so pretty, and I love the details!

by Shu Uemura  Brilliant… just brilliant. These are works of art, don’t you agree?


Photo by Brian Walker (Contemporary Photographer) Check out his gallery. His other works are awesome too!

Here are some crazy ones…

by Soomi Park Yes, LED eyelashes. Now, why didn’t I think of that?
by frocknrollstylists “Alphalashes”: Just in case you forget what comes after F.
These are gorgeous, but some are just way too expensive.  Browsing through the net, I bumped into a supplier: Pingdu Yi-Feng Eyelashes Factory from China offers a range of designs from natural ones to those you would only wear on Halloween. Although they are not as bold as the ones from the designers I featured here, they are pretty cheap. However, I’m not really recommending them as I was never a customer so not so sure about the quality. But if you had the chance to buy from them, feel free to comment and give your feedback. :)

Now… what’s a good excuse to wear any of these to work tomorrow?


Your two cents?

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