Pre & Post 3.11.11 Japan

We’ve been seeing pictures and videos of the disaster that hit Japan last March 11 all over the news. Homes, farms, and buildings were destroyed by the quake. Those that remained standing were wiped out by the tsunami that followed. The death and missing toll is still rising, expected to hit around 13,000 in the coming days.

But sometimes one has to take “a step back” to understand better the loss the country and it’s people is dealing with.

The New York Times lets us do this – in a different perspective. They posted interactive satellite photos of Japan, before and after the quake and tsunami hit the nation. You can really have a “higher” view of the damage, and the gravity of work to be done to get them back on their feet.
After seeing these images I became more sympathetic to the people affected by this tragedy. I know it’s bad, but seeing before and after pictures made me realize how BAD it really is. When I remembered the videos and photos of the victims posted everywhere on line, I started picturing them in every house in the “before” pictures. Then, when I looked at the “after” images, my heart just sank.
We must do something about this. We must all believe that Japan will recover but with all the damage, they really need all the help they can get, FAST. For example, I just read that a couple of elderly people in the hospitals died as they were being transferred to a temporary shelter, a gymnasium to be specific, and a couple more died when they got there (link here). These people don’t have enough water, food, electricity and heat. The doctors attending to them have limited or no access at all to medicine and the proper equipment. Immediate assistance is needed ASAP.

To speed up relief efforts, you may donate to Red Cross, or to any organization you want to raise relief funds to help Japan rise up from this.

Don’t just pray for Japan. HELP THEM.

Can you see the QR code at the middle?
If your smartphone has QR code reading function (like a Blackberry)
scan the the code and it will direct you to the
American Red Cross website via your phone, instantly!



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