Going Gaga Over Yoga (and Adam…rarrrrr)

It’s not only for the physical benefits of it, but the practice is a great venue for me to have “silence”. The busyness of my every waking moment started to take it’s toll that I had to have quiet time for me, away from the world and MYSELF! I am very hyper, but definitely the frequent brain farts are more exhausting (yes, I am suffering from brain gas). Yoga has helped me sit down still for more than 5 minutes with a blank mind – UBER RELAX MODE ON! The instructor would say just focus on your breath and think of nothing else… and after “consciously breathing”,  everything shuts down and I’d be in almost-total silence and stillness. I love that. Somehow it gives a feeling of peace and freedom even if I was in a super hot room, with others sweating all over their mats…some too much, there are pools of sweat crawling toward mine! ka.di.re. However, it would be super fine if the sweaty dude is Adam Levine doing cobras and chaturangas beside me… Nope, no complaints here!

A video I found of Adam doing yoga. 

And the fruits of his labor…


Addicted. I realized that I am during another sleepless night working on deadlines for my job (ugh). Just see below one of the many videos of me at 3 or 4 in the morning doing Asanas (poses) I learned from my classes and Youtube.

Astavakrasana (Eight-Angle pose)
To see what this is supposed to look like, click here.

I decided to start recording so I can review, practice and improve. This is how I get through the erratic insomnia attacks – a crazier alternative to staring at the ceiling waiting for a lizard to eat the annoying mosquito I named Suckah.

Here I am with my best attempt to do a Peacock, one of the very advanced arm balancing poses:

Calling out to the real, the professional yogis out there… help?!



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