Slow Down. Yoga Addict Crossing.

…after finishing my 10k in the Run United 2 event last August 21, 2011. 
I just wanted to share this photo. :)
Ugly form here though, my arms are not so bent. Plus the vaseline and sweat on my arms and legs made it extra hard to hold the pose long enough for a photo. I had to do it over and over again!
But I still love it! How many people can say they did yoga on a street in Fort Bonifacio? I’d like to believe just one… ME!
Actually I went straight to the gym after eating breakfast with my running buddies for yoga class. Running + Yoga = perfect combination <3
Anyway, I think here is a more successful attempt, at the parking lot… Maybe the comfort of having non-moving vehicles around helped me in finding my balance and concentrate better. :)
I’ll be doing a post on my love for running too… soon!


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