Cheer Here, Dance There..We’ll be EVERYWHERE!

In just a few short weeks, the NCC will be going around the country again, looking for the best of the best in cheerleading and dance! I’ll be coaching during the camps, then judging during the competitions. I’m excited!!! Although we do this every year, this season is going to be BIGGER! Why? We added more Regionals and a new division = more teams = MORE FUN! And some of the places where we will hold the Regional Qualifiers I haven’t been to, so it’ll be another adventure for me and the rest of the coaches too!
I’m looking forward to sharing about each leg, so watch out for my posts! I’ll try to record the performances and post them in my Youtube channel and in this blog (so subscribe!)
Here’s the event calendar for the season, we have 9 regional legs planned! Whew! I can’t wait to see old and new campers, coaches and competitors. :)
*See the new logo for NDC – National Dance Championship? I LOVE IT! 
Check out our website: for more details and updates, plus how to inquire for camps!
Like, follow or subscribe to the NCC and NDC Social Networking sites and be in the know!

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