In this very moment I’m (going to be) King?! – 16.8km Adidas KOTR Triple P

a.k.a. Proof of Peer Pressure
This is to prove that I did sign up to run a 16.8k marathon. I felt like posting this so the truth hits me faster, and repeatedly from all directions until October 23. I really need to train and start eating better.  
Most expensive race I joined, to date.
I’m confident… confident that my legs will start detaching themselves and run away from me in protest of the abuse I will be subjecting them to for this.
Why the worry?
It will be a challenge since I’m used to running the 10-kilometer race category in every event. From the last one, (Run United 2) I can remember cursing silently at every guy that would run past me… and at every guy that would suddenly stop right in front of me when I’d be in the zone a.k.a. “nakakasira ng MONUMENTUM”. I’ve been consistent in breaking my own record every time I join a marathon, but the 10th kilometer I find is where the fight-or-flee dilemma starts to creep its way in my head. 
Karla: “Okay, that was 9km already. Pwede na yan.”
Karla: “That’s 1 more kilometer. You PAID FOR THIS” 
Karla: “What’s the point of finishing this anyway? You know you’re not the fastest in this one, look at all the people in front of you. There will be another one so don’t worry, wala ka naman sa Olympics. Sponsored ka?!”

Karla: “Hey, nakakaturn-off ka. Sayang that cute guy! Run after him!”
Karla: “Di ka papansinin niyan, have you seen yourself? Ahem, smelled yourself? Amoy araw ka na. No matter what you do, turned off na siya sa’yo”

…and a lot more thoughts to entertain myself until I get to the finish line. Apparently, this strategy works – I distract myself by thinking too much, then I’d just be surprised I’m done!
One thing I’m proud of from all the 10km races I joined – I continued to PUSH. No matter what.
But will I last for 6.8km more?! We shall see!
I also intentionally signed up for the “For All Nationality” category. I want to know how well (naks positive) I’ll do against foreign runners.  Don’t worry friends. I’ll try my best to represent the short-legged girls of the P to the INAS…
From RunRio’s Run United 2 (Aug 25, 2011). Notice the slightly enlarged nostrils, as I try to make it seem effortless.
Hey you have to appreciate… we work twice as hard, for the same distance, you know? :)


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