Woobi Woo… NAAAT!

from my sister-in-surf Chie De Leon’s birthday @ Izakaya <3. white shirt. shorts. pumps. main accessory: RED LIPS.

 I love my red lipstick by… nope, not MAC. I’d love to have one, but I don’t think I’m willing to pay that much… Hello, have you met Karla Kurips?

with my boys and Chie the birthday girl <3

The story:

I remember buying it because I needed red lips stat for a night out with friends. I walked in a drugstore, searched for the cheapest and reddest red lipstick I could find, grabbed it and rushed to the cashier. I didn’t even bother looking at the brand. After months of using it, it was until someone asked me “Is that MAC’s Ruby Woo?”. It was then I realized I didn’t know. I could have grabbed rash ointment accidentally and been putting it on my mouth for months. So when I got home, I check it out and saw it’s Ever Bilena’s Love That Red. Yes. EVER BILENA. I used to hate their stuff because I’d always breakout. Thank God lips don’t have pores (hmmm, right?) I believe it’s a local brand so that’s a good thing too (Pinoys rule OYE!) — waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than it’s well-known counterpart in the “pang-mayaman” range of makeup. Karaniwang tao lamang po. Patawad.

MAC’s Ruby Woo – approximately 15 USD

Love That Red by Ever Bilena. Approximately 6 USD

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I love it so much I have 2 more in orange and white ! haha!
For those in the PH, get yours here.

Price? If I remember correctly it won’t go beyond 250 Pesos (around 6 USD). Compared to Ruby Woo that goes for around 15 USD, this is a STEAL!

Does it stay as long? I won’t know, I don’t own a Ruby Woo hehe. What I can say is it stays on until that much needed bathroom break when you’re out anyway.

Leaves your lips dry? Well, majority of anything matte has a tendency to do that. What I do is put on any lip balm or lip gloss first. After a few minutes when my lips “absorbed” the balm/gloss (ok fine, when I ate enough of it off my lips), I then apply the red lipstick. At least for me that does the job :)

Look at how much my red lips stand out of this photo! with my cheerleader friends :)

My take – If you have the money to spend, go ahead and get MAC. I just don’t use red that much so I don’t feel the need to get the expensive brand. Makeup expires too, so getting the cheaper version won’t make me feel guilty throwing it out when the label says lifeforms will start to emerge and the lipstick is about to literally walk away from me.

So take your pick! If you are a Ruby Woo user and finds yourself feel happier with Ever Bilena, I accept donations! (ok…now I just realized how gross that is. d’oh!)