I’m constantly thankful for every second of every day, for every morsel of anything and everything around me. 
I’m grateful for the wins and the bad luck, for the successes and failures, for the woohoos! and boohoos. 
I’m grateful for both ends of the rainbow, for the rain that brought it, and the smile it gave. 
I am grateful that I am truly blessed, that I could have just gotten enough, but been given so much more than what I need to survive. 
I am grateful that I wake up in the morning on a bed and not on the streets, in a room and not under a bridge, with blanket and not with a piece newspaper for warmth. 
I am grateful for my family, friends and enemies, although I’d prefer not to have the last one. :) 
I am grateful for all these blessings. 
Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble gobble!

So you… what are you grateful for?

Your two cents?

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