Libre naman mangarap, di ba?! The Mansion Episode

When I have my mansion already, it has to have all these: gotta be near the beach to surf,a big ass wave pool in case the weather doesn’t cooperate, a complete gym + gymnastics equipment with sauna and steam rooms, yoga room, hike trail, trampauline, a ball pool, theater with unlimited popcorn and jamaican patty stall, a Taksiapo room, massage room, trapeze, pole dancing room,my own club at the basement, my own pony, sugar rush room: filled with chocolates, candy, cake, cookies and ice cream. A farm where I’d grow only organic vegetables, a crazy slide, a costume room, a dance studio, a patintero court, paint ball grounds, laser tag arena, a remake of Takeshi’s castle obstacles in my backyard, a karaoke bar, a white room where I can just paint on the walls like crazy, my own river for white water rafting, a shooting range, a boxing ring, ice skating rink, a runway,a huuugggee walk in closet with shoes and clothes organized per purpose and color… (To be continued)


AcroYoga. Look Ma, I’m on TV!

After 2 months, I found out Sports Unlimited FINALLY aired the AcroYoga workshop I attended last January. Here’s the video I found online!

<3 I love this!

Paddy Warwick's INFORM

For me, whether it be relationships, family, business, sport and exercise goals, or whatever is important in one’s life – the key to success is positivity.

As the great Bruce Lee once said, “as you think, you shall become”.

“I got out of the wrong side of bed this morning”, “it’s just not my day”, these are comments that are self-defeating and in essence negative. If you flipped those on their heads as mere clichés and moved on with your day, I have no doubt that your day and the way you view your day will improve immensely.

In exercise and nutrition, as in life, it is the same. If we are in a bad state mentally, negativity and negative outcomes will undoubtedly ensue. If we start beating ourselves up every time we indulge more than normal in a restaurant or patisserie, or if we turn up to exercise in…

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