Libre naman mangarap, di ba?! The Mansion Episode

When I have my mansion already, it has to have all these: gotta be near the beach to surf,a big ass wave pool in case the weather doesn’t cooperate, a complete gym + gymnastics equipment with sauna and steam rooms, yoga room, hike trail, trampauline, a ball pool, theater with unlimited popcorn and jamaican patty stall, a Taksiapo room, massage room, trapeze, pole dancing room,my own club at the basement, my own pony, sugar rush room: filled with chocolates, candy, cake, cookies and ice cream. A farm where I’d grow only organic vegetables, a crazy slide, a costume room, a dance studio, a patintero court, paint ball grounds, laser tag arena, a remake of Takeshi’s castle obstacles in my backyard, a karaoke bar, a white room where I can just paint on the walls like crazy, my own river for white water rafting, a shooting range, a boxing ring, ice skating rink, a runway,a huuugggee walk in closet with shoes and clothes organized per purpose and color… (To be continued)


Your two cents?

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