Brains eaten… NOT!

Besides my friend and I getting lost going to Nuvali and getting there 10 minutes before our wave, the run was awesome :) It’s just surprising how the sun can be blazing hot at 7:15 am – the latest time in the morning I ran outside. However, I still feel bad about the zombies, they were chasing humans since 5:30am and had to stay until 11:30am for the last wave, no water and under the hot sun (that’s how it looked like). They are volunteers, but I do hope they were compensated for their work. I commend them, even if they tried to “kill” me during the race.

Here’s a link to the event’s website to give you an idea what the whole thing was all about –

Now here are photos I was able to take before gun start and after I crossed the finish line . I should’ve taken photos while on the race itself, but I thought “living” was more important.

We made it on time!

The heat is AMAZING!!! haha!

My Bib

Yes! I survived and part of the top 40 survivors for my wave! WOOOT!

Sweaty, dark and happy :)

All in all it was an interesting experience. A lot of firsts for me: First run starting when the sun is already up and about (which made me 2-3 shades darker I think), first trail run, and first time  being chased by the undead.

I survived. Now let’s see how I will do next year :)


2 thoughts on “Brains eaten… NOT!

  1. Brown suits you Karla but excitement, fufilling your passions, joy and taking on fresh challenges suits you even more! :-)

    Thanks for the blog updates as always – your infectious enthusiasm mitigates any pangs of jealousy I might feel when you reference the hot weather!

    Keep smiling!

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