Letting Go of the “New” BodyRock.TV

I am / was a great fan of www.BodyRock.TV  – the “slash” will be explained further in this post. Anyway, this is to comment on the recent changes that happened to my go-to fitness site. So I suggest visit the site to learn more about it. I recommend going to the old videos with Zuzana / Zuzka Light as the host, and compare those against the new ones with Lisa-Marie leading the workouts.

I started BodyRocking sometime last year and have been telling my friends about it. I loved how accessible the workouts were and how easy it is to follow each exercise. When Zuzka left and got replaced by other hosts, I felt sad but told myself I should continue. I tried the workouts with the other hosts for a couple of months, even started some of the 1-month long challenges by Lisa. Honestly, I never finished any of the challenges because I got bored. It’s interesting that as the exercises were getting MORE complicated, they were getting MORE boring. So I went ahead and browsed thru the old BR workouts with Z there, and I noticed I don’t get sick of them, even if I do the same workout every other day. If I compare the Lisa from the Z exercises, they are more jumpy but are just boring. I mean, this is a surprise because I am constantly hyper, so I thought those moves were perfect for me. But I was wrong. I don’t know if it’s just me but that’s how I feel. So I figured to mix up old BR WO and Z’s ZWOWs — which I think are AWESOME! They are easy to remember that I just need to take 1 look and I can go on with the WO without having to stop and check the exercise list (which kills the momentum), plus there’s little to no equipment required.

The cosmetic surgery issue…

I’ve been trying to be “positive” and open to the changes with BR, but after seeing the latest workout with Lisa-Marie’s new breasts, hair and lips I felt scared. First, I was scared for her. She shouldn’t be jumping up and down less than a month after a major surgery! I was afraid her breasts will explode – like literally just burst – because  I don’t think stitches have healed yet or the implants themselves need to “settle in” more. She still looked swollen. Second, I was scared for the BodyRockers that look up to her and start having their breasts enlarged too. Yes, to each his own but the site and the people that run it have a BIG influence to their followers. That’s where the responsibility comes into play. The same influence that helped people work hard to be healthy in body and mind, is now giving an impression that “big breasts = awesome. small breasts = not good enough”. Zuzka too has fake breasts, but I think they are in proportion to her body type. She’s bigger on the hips and legs as compared to Lisa-Marie and the size of her breasts (in my opinion) compliment her whole body. Lisa-Marie had AWESOME breasts that were in proportion to her body (ectomorph) and I still think no changes had to be done. Right now I think they are too big for her frame… and her jumping up and down in them is terrifying. I bet she doesn’t feel comfortable in them, especially that she exercises daily. I know this because I am a petite girl with bigger breasts than usual – at least that’s what my friends say (FYI: they are natural and it runs in the family! haha!). I’ve always been active and having them is a challenge when it comes to exercise. I actually felt somehow relieved when she started hosting BodyRock with her perfectly proportioned, natural breasts – it felt like I was training with an athlete, so it made me feel like an athlete too. But now after the breast augmentation, it doesn’t make me feel I’m following someone that’s physically fit and healthy – instead, I feel like I’m watching soft porn. Yes, yes… Z had sexy videos too with BodyRock, but somehow I never felt that it was as provocative as the new videos. I can’t really explain it, it’s just that when I watch the workouts back to back, I feel inclined to follow Z’s.

Saying goodbye to the new, and going back to the old

I still follow the BodyRock website and do the exercises, but ONLY the old ones with Zuzana Light in them. I’m staying away from the new videos because I don’t feel motivated doing them, and again, they started to bore me. I have nothing against Lisa as a person, but I think the whole BodyRock crew need to re-think what kind of image they want to put out there, and what kind of followers they want: The REAL BodyRockers that are there to get a great workout and be healthy, or just people trying to gossip about breasts, butts and surgery + web perverts + women/girls that are looking for another reason/ excuse to not like their bodies, to find a reason to make unnecessary changes to their appearance.There is a mix of all these in the past, but the team was able to manage the site and it’s followers almost flawlessly. A community of fitness enthusiasts and health-minded folks made the site flourish. Now when I read comments, the whole thing seems to be in a huge mess. I most of the time do not workout anymore because everything’s so negative and some are irresponsible – even the message I get from the videos and posts from the hosts.

I do wish Freddy and the crew do something about this. I would say get rid of the fake breasts – they were doing fine without them, and I even felt the website could’ve survived without Zuzana there. Fine, they can’t just pull the implants out, but really…they’re distracting. Right now I just wish them the best.

(P.S. I hope they stop making videos more sexual and more porn-ish after every post. Honestly, it’s starting to get cheesy. AND, stop adding more equipment, I really don’t see the use of having an Equalizer when there’s already the Dipstation)

AND yes, I unfollowed, unsubscribed and unliked BodyRock and it’s current hosts. I’m sorry to the crew, I’ll just go back until you guys figure something out.

<3 Karla

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www.BodyRock.TV – I go back to the old videos with Zuzana in them.


30 thoughts on “Letting Go of the “New” BodyRock.TV

  1. I unfollowed Bodyrock.tv today. I did the same with Lisa, Sean and Freddy about a week ago. Her (Lisa’s) video today also scared me to death lol… The hair and the lips, WERE too much too..! She’s not beautiful anymore, she’s creepy!!!!!!!

    • it felt unnatural for her to have such a HUGE change (get it? haha). I was starting, well , at least trying to warm up to the new BR site, but when those puppies got in the picture I had to take a step back (more like 10 steps) and think twice about doing the workouts. I understand that she can do whatever she wants with her body, but they have to also keep in mind they are public personalities people look up to, and that they have responsibilities to their viewers. At some point I looked at my own body and thought if i needed implants myself. I never thought about it EVER before, and it struck me that the change in BR got me into thinking that! just imagine those people that religiously follow the site day in and day out, or those young ladies still trying to feel comfortable in their own skin. It’s like a trap to being so self-conscious/vain, and LM’s the bait to lure us in. Maybe they are being sponsored by cosmetic surgeons now, we don’t know :)

      • I completely agree with your thought, and there are a LOT of us who think in a similar way. I was a very hardcore supporter of Bodyrock (even after the divorce, Lisa coming onboard, etc, that didn’t affect my motivation towards the site), but it all went downhill not only with Lisa’s changes but with the treatment of the community, where censorship, ban and little respect for logical criticism started to be common practice. The mishandling of the recent situations was deplorable, and their communication skills far from professional as opposite as they should have been.

        For those reasons I cannot feel identified with them any longer. That sincereness, respect, positiveness, where is it now? I had unliked their hosts pages on FB some days ago and yesterday it was the BR FB page. Their true colors..? Don’t likey.

        I wrote something similar to this in their page but oops! Comments are now being moderated… I wrote something to Lisa there too, but I guess they don’t give a damn. It is so OBVIOUS that she wants to become Z… so sad too. I kept reading the comments in the Michal’s essay and I’m not the only one who thinks it, but someone also found an old Lisa’s comment on the BR page where she states she would like to be her any day or something like that.

        Thanks for your time on sharing your thoughts, it feels nice as community to find a place for debate and people with their own logics and moral and not bought by giveaways and fakeness :)

  2. I found the bodyrock site some months ago and Lisa was already the host, I really liked the site, specially one video where she’s saying a speech about accepting yourself and what nature gave you, it was really nice, two or three months later she get the breast implants and that speech about accepting yourself flew out the window. I agree with you about the natural looking, I just found the Zuzka site on facebook and it’s completely different, she looks proportioned and Lisa looks like she’s gonna fall down from the weight of the boobs. I had a surgery the same day Lisa had hers, it was less invasive but still the doctor said no exercise for at least 2 more months, it was a laparoscopic surgery so I just have 3 tiny scars on my tummy but when I walk too fast I feel I’m gonna start bleeding and I think is very irresponsible from her to start working without completely recovering! After seeing the Zuzka videos I’m definitely changing to her site, well, when the doctor say it’s ok to start working out again :)

    • Thanks for your comment and I agree with you Paulis. What you said is proof that it’s not only comparing Z and Lisa, or the old vs the new bodyrock…but how inconsistent they are with what they tell their subscribers now. It’s hard enough to be motivated, but when you see role models losing their credibility, it’s just plain heartbreaking :( I hope they find a way to get past this and do something to get their subscribers, like us, back.
      Anyway, I wish you well! Hope you recover from your surgery soon! <3 karla

    • i just finished yours and commented to it as well. we do have similar sentiments and i hope the BR team get to see our blogs. i posted a comment there today but I dont expect it to last more than 8 hours in the site. so i thought why not on my own blog. :) im just grateful Z has her own channel so I can just follow her from now on.

    • Agree!!!! One of the days I was working out my husband was shocked and ask me “are you watching porn?!” and now refers to the bodyrock site like “those videos with the semi-naked girl”

      • Right. the shots became more and more “pornographic”. of course BR has always been sexy and but before i was able to look past that. now it’s a different story. freddy has pushed it over the limit that it lost it’s class.

  3. not sure if I’m seeing things but in latest br video Lisa seems to be in pain, esp the abs video, it is scary and sad to watch. Never big fan of the site but before with Zuzana it was noticeably better, now I detest what br became and everything they represent

  4. Sadly, I no longer believe that the fitness community is bodyrock’s target consumer. It seems like they are courting clicks and views from people who are looking for thinspo/fitspo, and people who leave youtube comments like, “Keep Lisa, love the cameltoe”. That’s the community driving their revenue stream, not us.

    Honestly, I liked Lisa-Marie a great deal at first, even though I missed Zuzana. Lisa-Marie and I have a very similar body type, which I found extremely motivating, and I liked her positive, bouncy energy.

    Subsequent to the various augmentations, I can no longer relate to Lisa-Marie or her goals for her body in quite the same way. And this isn’t just because I have no interest in breast implants, lip injections, fake hair or whatever. It’s the way the whole conversation was handled.

    For example, when Zuzana discussed her cosmetic surgery on bodyrock in the past, she talked about making a decision at a low time in her life, how she worked to grow from that point in a positive way without regrets, and how learning to take care of one’s body can be part of a transformation that is more than skin deep. No matter what one’s personal opinion or experience with cosmetic augmentation may be, Zuzana contextualized it in a way that many people could relate to.

    We were introduced to Lisa-Marie pre-implants, and then she decided to publicly share her breast augmentation experience. Yet her entire commentary can be paraphrased as, “lol boobs i wanted them now i have them, *sad face* I lost my nipple bar, if you don’t like it get over it lol”. Given that many fitness-oriented bodyrockers have put a lot of thought and energy into learning to love their bodies for what they can do, not just how they look, this seems alienating and dismissive to a significant part of the community.

    The changes in the style and substance of communication from the bodyrock team to the user community have been largely disheartening.

    I agree that bodyrock had posted many provocative images of Zuzana in the past, and lots of the workouts had salacious titles. But there were also no small number of images where Zuzana was wearing regular street clothes, or training in gear that was not skin-tight. In contrast, every single image of Lisa-Marie posted above the jump has been styled and posed in a sexualized manner.

    And you know, I could look past all that if I really liked the workouts – I don’t need to personally relate to the host or agree with all of their choices if the workouts are great. But I feel that many of the new videos lack flow and incorporate too many choppy, disjointed movements. I’m just not feeling it, really.

    I miss the old community, where each workout ended with a burpee for Erin.

    Thanks for writing this post and giving us the opportunity to have this conversation in the comments.

    • Thank you Min, we certainly share the same thoughts. On the exercises, I noticed myself starting to back to the Zuzana videos EVEN BEFORE the VERY skimpy clothes. I admire Lisa as she can do them with almost no effort, but the workouts lacked “flow” for me.Maybe some bored or confused me because I can’t understand anymore what I’m supposed to do.
      The cameltoe shots and the like came to a point that the videos offensive, and embarrassing to follow.
      I do hope they start treating criticisms as a sign / warning or even a plea to save BR.
      I just go to this link to access old Zuzana BR bodyweight exercises.. so i dont have to go through the posts by Lisa, Sean or Freddy in the site. Hope this helps you and let’s stay motivated :) http://soon2befit.tumblr.com/post/7737999726

  5. I’m just done with bodyrock, I just unfollowed them after some of my comments where erased from the site, I just said that is important for any company/business to have feedback, both positive and negative in order to grow and become more succesful, 5 minutes after my comment was gone and so was my interest on the site. About the fakeness, in the 1000 rep challenge you can even see that one of Lisa’s fake lashes is falling down (min 4:30- 4:35 :p).
    In Michal Joseph’s fb page someone give this link in case you need some other ideas for working out on your own, I think is great and you can print it and have it with you all the time http://greatist.com/fitness/50-bodyweight-exercises-you-can-do-anywhere-030612/

    • Thanks for the link! I will definitely check it out :) But I got to be honest, I can’t let go of Z yet. I hope she still profits from the hits on her videos in the BR site and youtube…because I know ill always go back to those workouts!

      • I’d be surprised if Z profits from br or the videos featuring her that are still on the yt channel. She was doing the work, but it was all registered in Frederick Light’s name. Unsurprisingly. At this point whether some of the money he makes off of her image goes to her is a matter of good will. On his part. Except people are saying they get blocked from the site as soon as you mention Z in a non-derogatory manner. That tells me a lot about how much good will there is.

  6. Isn’t she about to start a new website of her own? I saw that in her FB page, but I understand what you mean, I was watching her ZWOWs and its a breath of fresh air after all the sweaty-sticky-fakeness of BR and I’m definitely doing them as soon as I can start working out again, besides, I watched her video once 2 days ago and I still remember the workouts, I agree with you about how annoying is to have to stop every time coz you don’t remember the moves with Lisa’s workouts.

  7. Glad to see your blog entry back. Another (hopefully) up and coming fitness site to watch is bodyripped.net. It was obviously… “inspired”? :D by bodyrock, hopefully minus the deliberate appeal to porn consumers. Let’s see if the lady will develop it further.

  8. Hi from a fellow Filipina who also used to love the old BR. I still like their workouts, but if she was un-relatable to me before (completely opposite body type), its even harder to follow now. I loved her spunk, uniqueness, tomboyish-ness and appeal. But the negative message can’t be escaped. And was that Miley Cyrus on the wall?

    • You don’t know how excited I feel having a fellow filipina comment on this topic.:) I’d talk about BR and Z, even Lisa, to my friends but all of them would be new to the site. I thought I was the only one in our country! Anyway, I loved Z in BR,but I was starting to warm up to Lisa too. Her bubbly attitude was refreshing, I liked her body (tall and lean) and I loved her tattoos! But somehow I got uncomfortable with the clothes she was wearing and the angles Freddy was shooting. I did try to still do the challenges despite that, but the breast implants I feel are over the top. I’m a girl and can’t even focus on the exercises with all the unnecessary bouncing.

      • Cheers! I am an artist who likes painting the human figure, so have no problem with nudes or revealing pics, but this is a fitness site that all people of all cultures can (or could) benefit from. And it’s the mixed messages and compromise in well-being that seems to happen now. For a week before her “journey”, there were a lot of quotes about loving yourself the way you are–and then the contradiction with actions. Public figures must take personal responsibility into account, as how they impact the rest of the world is not a light thing.

  9. hi there. I felt the same way you did about the Zuzana and Lisa switch. Since following Zuzana since 2009, it was a difficult shift and I’m happy to see her on her own. Toward the end of their marriage, I was noticing *something* was changing. I’m glad she is on her own: she looks free and happy. Seriously.

    I liked Lisa right away and the changes in her body threw me off. That, I’m not worried about. What I am really sad about is the way in which she is photographed and filmed. Zuzana wasn’t ever photographed that way. Namely, her bent over a couch (that one made me so upset I didn’t log on for 2 weeks.) But I’m learning there’s a separation between Freddy filming/photographing and Lisa herself. Lisa is a bright light and has a deep passion for health and exercise. Recently, I was getting a workout and she was lifting her leg in bridge and all of a sudden, we get a super close up of her low abs and crotch. I said, “Uhh…I have no idea what she’s doing…?” It’s not Lisa– it’s the guy filming her. I am torn: one hand I can’t support the way he uses her, but on the other hand Lisa is such a lovely person on camera that I can’t leave. Her workouts in the past few days have gotten more manageable and more simple.I find they really challenge me in new ways.
    Give her another shot. I’m doing Lisa Marie’s workouts – not BR. I don’t know what BR is anymore.

  10. I completely agree with everything you’ve said. I still check in to the BR site to see if there’s anything interesting for me me, and there’s not. As you said, I found the workouts too jumpy and very repetitive – Z’s workouts I found very difficult at time, but they were completely different each time. I hope they don’t kill off the whole archive of Z’s workouts. I realise too that it can sound hypocritical to talk about LM’s cosmetic surgery when Z had it, but Z never made it a whole part of BR – it was who she was when she started the website, and obviously a leftover from her previous career. Of course she’s going to keep them.

    They know full well how influential BR is – Z made it her goal to lead us down healthier paths that worked for us, and really hammered home that it’s important to do what’s right for you. LM seems to be saying that body modification is the ultimate goal, and that you should go to extremes to get it. Very irresponsible, especially when you see comments from young bodyrockers who seem very easily influenced by these things.

    Ultimately though, I couldn’t give a monkeys about LM’s body and think the downfall has been F & LM going on as if we all give a hoot about her appearance, being childish when people do criticise certain things (rudeness isn’t necessary, but you have to accept you’re going to get criticism in the public domain, esp when it comes to testing people’s ideas over decency and bodies) and getting lazy with the most important aspect of the website – workouts. And when I say about childishness, one example would be the FB survey they created after people asked if LM was wearing a bra in one workout video, the survey being entitled something like ‘does it make any difference if a really nice workout top looks like a bra’. When Z got criticism, she ignored it. But then, she didn’t get much criticism because although she was very open and sharing, she was clearly careful about the things she didn’t share.

    Rant over! Thanks for letting me share!!

    • Your comment greatly appreciated :) I haven’t looked at the new BR again..the last I remember is they have a yogini for flow routines, and there were videos in real time. I tried to watch one,you know, maybe I can look past the tatas, but I couldn’t. Those and the lips, even the hair, looked fake. I even felt pain for her.I’m a very petite girl and I’d say my breasts are a bit big for my frame- and they are hard to “manage” during workouts. With hers, i find myself closing the internet window,I couldn’t take it…I also noticed she wasn’t as bubbly as before. Is it just me? I don’t want to “judge” but she looks sad in the videos… When I watch Z doing her WOWS, I always feel excited and happy even when I know ill be in pain after :)

  11. Bodyrock is now in the midst of officially switching over to being called The Daily Hitt (apparently part of the divorce settlement since Z also owned the name.) Even after over a year we still get derogatory comments about Z. The day she announced her Z-Cut Power Cardio DVD, Freddy posted a comment about how fitness DVDs were dead and of the past. And posted a huge celebratory comment about his divorce being final. We never hear anything about bodyrock or Freddy from Z. Ever. It is obvious she has totally moved on and he hasn’t. They also were very rude and made some very poor posting decisions when Lish (a co-host) decided to leave Bodyrock and start her own page. She is a huge Z follower and supporter. She was very clear that she left because she was seeing things behind the scenes that she did not agree with. Here is her page: http://www.freeandfitwithlish.com/

  12. YES! THANK YOU! At first I thought Lisa’s vibrant and energetic personality was nice and exiting. But wow, did it go downhill FAST! I mean it’s really really sad and I almost feel angry about it. I don’t think she is in a healthy mental state and I feel like she was pressured to change. By Freddy? I can’t say for sure, but the pictures of him with her on the way to surgery… seemed like he was giving lots of encouragement. And I’m not talking down someones choice to tweak their body a little, but I mean, if you have a problem with every part of yourself, THAT is not healthy! The boobs, the lips, the eyes, the hair.. who knows whats next! And she just doesn’t look right! Her legs are so skinny and she looks plastic. Not good. I was SOOOO relived when I found Zuzka’s new channel and have been doing her w/o’s. Now we know who was the real master-mind behind bodyrock all those years. GO ZUZKA!

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