Washed up on the SouthShore – Behind The Scenes


I wanted to share some of the photos I took behind the scenes to show how much fun we had :)

Visit www.southshorebeachshop.multiply.com and grab one of their products NOW!

Click HERE for the editorial shots I posted in an earlier entry :)

with C, the owner and designer of SouthShore Beach Shop. On our way to Tali, Batangas.

What if i cut my hair this short?!

Hello Mr. Photographer AJ De Leon. Good morning! haha!

Practice poses...

Keith, our stylist, loving the weather

i LOVE hammocks!

Yep... still enjoying the hammock!

C and K, the models of the day! (oooh I rhymed!)

heeey.. that's my spot!

C, showin' love to her bag Melanie! :)

Where's AJ?!

hello there!

Now for the product shots for the online shop :)

Hardworking girl!

Keith teaching us how to project

Chie modeling the "Lola"

Yey for Manong Ice Cream!!!

And we decided to use the ice cream as props :)

Someone fed the models!!! I think I left my poise in the car... But it was soooo hot that day! :)

To the next location!

Look out

Goofing around :) Tired, hot, sweaty and hungry!

We're done!

Chie chillin'


I really enjoyed this trip and “gig” because I spent it with my one of my surf sisters, PLUS I gained 3 new friends. I’d say this was a perfect and productive weekend!

<3 Karla


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