Project Starfish: Operation “Hey I Just Met You”

And this is crazy…
Here’s my baby…
I call him “Cookie”! :)

(Don’t even ask about the title of this post… just a really bad case of LSS for more than a week now!)

Wooohooooooo!!! I got him already. Naming my baby Wacks a.k.a my “Cookie”, from the 90s show TGIS. :) Why?! Because almost all my life I’ve been introduced as “the dancer/cheerleader”… then a question will follow, “Who does she look like?!”. The answer: Angelu De Leon! I have happily accepted being her doppelganger and take it as a very nice compliment. Please see below for proof.

Me vs. The Real Deal

So there, I thought I’d give my new boyfriend Bobby’s famous role in the TV series too. He’s my Cookie, I’m his Pancake (my goodness, this is so cheesy!)

To those asking themselves “Who the heck are these people?” and “What’s TGIS?” you probably didn’t grow up in the Philippines, or you were just born in the last decade. And, I do feel sorry for you… the 90’s is ze best decade ever!

Okay, enough about that. The whole point of this post is to show off my first surfboard from Skwala made by Din Litangan (whom I still owe a couple of beers because he worked even Saturdays just to finish it… Din, I won’t forget!). Thank you so much! I love my board!!!

Here is my trophy lover for all of you to drool on!  I really can’t wait to try this baby!

Actually, I did lay my board on my bed, got on it and “air paddled”. I was smiling the whole freakin’ time!!!

Specs: Funboard (clear epoxy) 7’8″ X 21 X 2 3/4 ; nose rider = Perfect for a beginner like me.

Location: Skwala’s Yard, our Driveway and my room

Yes, this is a 7’8″. I’m just really tiny!

Hello Waves… Come baby come…

Baby, baby, come come!

Check out Skwala’s Facebook for more of their work and contact details! –


10 thoughts on “Project Starfish: Operation “Hey I Just Met You”

  1. Hi. Where’d you get your fins and leash? Board bag? :) Planning to purchase a board soon and considering SKWALA.

    • nice! im yet to buy a leash and bag, will check Mad Kahuna (Cubao Expo) and J and S :) A friend is awesome enough to give me his extra FCS fin. Go and call Skwala! Here’s the contact number: 0917 582 7878 I recommend visiting the shop and talking to the shaper in person so you guys can discuss how you want your board to be. Good luck!!! please comment here and share photos when you get your own board! :)

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