Project Starfish: Operation “Guns of Steel”

Who’s the lucky girl who will get to surf in the city?! ME!!!

I will be joining another batch of students in pursuit to be better and smarter in surfing with the Philippine Surfing Academy‘s (PSA) Surfcuit Intensive Training Program! I am a frustrated surfer and I’m determined to cross out the “frustrated” part of it. :) Why? Because I feel like it takes a lot more than having your own board, a great tan, and an automatic shaka hand pose in every photo to be called one. The sport requires a ton of athleticism, skill and guts to paddle out to the open sea. Yeah, it will take a looooooong time and a lot of water action for me to be called a “surfer”, at least by my standards.

This coming Sunday (June 3) is day 1 of me taking a step closer to my goal. I feel like a kid on her first day of school. I finally can work on paddling, catching my own waves (a.k.a. without Kuya Tulak) and start doing tricks. *crossing fingers, toes and eyes* This training is perfect since I just got my Cookie from Skwala. We’d definitely have great dates in the ocean after this program.

Check out the poster below for the details. You can check out the PSA Facebook page too for more announcements and updates.

*This is already this coming weekend but maybe there are still open slots so just go check. If none, then I’m sure there will be another batch after this one. :)


P.S: Here are videos you can check out to see what happens in this program… and what hard training I will subject myself into. Imagine, 4 hours in and out of the water surfing, yoga, etc. I’m looking forward to finishing on a another level of “nognog-ness”, be really exhausted with my tongue hanging out! Sometimes I ask why torture myself instead of sitting pretty at home on weekends. Then I’d realize it’ll even be bigger torture if I let myself do that! Plus, when you love doing something, you want to do better at it. Training and practice will make you enjoy it even more!

GMA 24 ORAS Release:

PSA Contact Info

Phone (+632) 631 2805 ; (+63917) 894 67 67



2 thoughts on “Project Starfish: Operation “Guns of Steel”

  1. Your article about PSA’s Surfcuit program really helped alot! You shared more infos than the ones I got when I called their office. Will be joining the next wave on August :) Hope to see you at the ‘line up’ too :) (weee, excited much!)

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