Always stay positive. If …

Always stay positive. If you have a problem, dwelling in it won’t solve it or make you feel better. Accept the situation & move forward with a SMILE! Believe that the best is yet to come, and let that make you feel grateful and happy in the middle of challenges.

We spend maybe 16 hours awake and 8 hours sleeping, do you really want to use up your conscious and dreaming hours in worry? :)


6 thoughts on “Always stay positive. If …

  1. Love this site! If you’re ever up for having a guest blogger, I’d love for you to consider me! Email me at mollie at for writing samples, etc. My blog,, features true stories about how people have changed their lives by changing their minds… Let me know and thanks for considering!

    • only got to reply now. sorry! thank you for the invite, i’d be happy to send you some samples, i just need to find the time haha! I totally agree that if we change the way we think, everything else follows :) perspective can get us towards good or bad circumstances, we’d have to learn how to steer our minds in the right direction.

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