Smiles to Share

Make someone’s day easier, more tolerable or less stressful today. You have been doing so good with smiling, why not let someone join in the fun :) Share the love!

  1. Clean up after yourself after eating for your waiter in a restaurant.
  2. Fix your bed before you leave the house for your helper to get a bit more rest for the day.
  3. Say “Hi” back to the guard at work. Or better yet, say “Hi” first this time.
  4. Park within the lines so other people can park easily.
  5. If buying only a few items, don’t use plastic bags anymore – will lessen the cost for the store and the environment! Everybody happy!
  6. While driving, brake slowly and early – will definitely make the person behind you feel safer.
  7. Bring an extra sandwich or any food at work and give it to one of your colleagues. The free snack will definitely lift them up in a stressful day.
  8. Don’t print receipts when you get money from ATM’s, you’ll throw them to the trash after anyway. Less trash, less stuff to clean up. The janitor is happy, as well as Mother Nature!
  9. Compliment or thank someone today about anything, even the littlest thing. Remember, no matter how simple or superficial it is, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s the truth! “Your hair looks nice today” or “I love your bag!” will make a big difference in the person’s confidence and self-esteem.
  10. Just simply smile when you talk to people. It doesn’t only make the person you’re talking to feel happy, but notice how nice it makes you feel too!

Happy smiling, and happy sharing!

<3 Karla


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