TURN it up! Surfcuit Training Day 4

Day 4… We are more than halfway done with training and I’m pretty excited because I feel I improved already from the past 3 sessions. In between Surfcuit Sundays, I try to go to the beach and surf as much as I can. I still have a long way to go, but I do feel more confident and I have more endurance to last hours in the water. Paddling out with higher waves than I’m used to was so hard for me before, but now I panic less and I noticed I get out much faster. ESKIMO ROLL!!!!

So this day was about doing turns. “Cutback”, “Reentry”, “Top Turn”, “Bottom Turn” – terms I hear from well-seasoned (yes, maasim-asim pa!) surfer friends, and of course Youtube videos. It looks so easy when I watch them do it! Coach Paolo explained what these actually are, and how they look like in the water with the help of videos. I know it would be a long time before I master these tricks, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere!

Here is the video shown to us in slow-mo during class. We watched Lorraine do her turns (0:50) so we have an idea of how to execute the moves in the water. Really different from just watching surf vids online… it helped having a coach break down the moves for you.

I will give myself a pat on the back for only slamming once on the cement wall of the pool.  Hehe :) But it is really fun! I’m thinking a simple left or right turn will definitely save a lot of people and boards when I’m surfing – woohoo! Better dodging tactics!


Where and when should we do turns? Coach Paolo explains.


Pumpin’ for speed!

An awesomazing wahine, Lorraine Lapus, showing us how the pros do it.

Now watching Lorraine do turns and cutbacks so effortlessly! Naks! Look at me being super attentive…

Now this is me being TOO attentive. My eyes were glued on Lorraine’s arms and feet, that didn’t realize I was on her way. I’M SO SORRY!!!! :(

Smiling to hide the sheer embarrassment…

I’d say this session is quite something, since I get to see Lorraine surf up close. She was also giving us tips and correcting our form. We have awesome instructors from PSA there, but getting pointers from another girl made me feel I can really do it. I remember I’m always told, “Your legs are too far apart and you have to bend more.”, but when Lorraine told me to do it, I feel like now I’m more conscious and attentive of my body so I can correct myself. I’m really into the “girl power” kind of thing I guess :)

Day 5 coming up – Shuffling! ahem I mean Cross Stepping!


Want to learn more about PSA or interested to join the Surfcuit Intensive Training Program? Check out the contacts and links below:

Tel: (+632) 631 28 05
Mobile: (+63917) 582 78 78
Website: http://philippinesurfingacademy.com/



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