where the heart is

 DLSU-ADMU 2nd Round Halftime Season 74
August 28, 2011Araneta Coliseum

Good to be back on the hard court. I was only able to practice once, the uniform I borrowed didn’t fit me, and one of my pompons started falling apart minutes before the performance… but the show must go on, for the love of La Salle!
In the end, we lost (BOO!) but it’s all good. It’s always awesome seeing old friends and feel (ahem, also act) like kids, when our biggest problem was how to pass an exam or how to submit a paper on time; when it’s not so bad to fail – there’s always next term. In the “real world”, it’s a completely different story!
Thank you current members for letting the “grandmas and grandpas” perform with you. Animo!
Off-court photos from my camera:
we love DLSU!
with Chie
Alumni girls in the stands
waiting to perform
Some of the photos from Andrew Pamorada:
Powerbeat ending. Go girls!
 Some of the photos from Daniel Kenerick Koo:
Go Pam!