Hair Done!

Cut and colored! (sorry, color’s not obvious in the picture) I love it!

I never cut my hair this short and this blunt. Last time was hmmm, grade school I think.

First time to color it too. Red-ish. Virgin hair, no more.

Going Blunt and Short =  My hair is quite curly. A blunt and short cut will make my hair go *poof*. This will make me look like a troll on a daily basis (Instead of just when I wake up from going to a kick-ass party the night before)

Going Straight = I have really thin hair. If I had my hair treated to be straight, it will be so close to my scalp it would look like I’m balding. In the picture it only looks straight ’cause it was blow dried. Wish me luck in the morning after I wash it. Since I did not have any treatment in the salon to make it straight, I would have to try my best fixing it and take note of volume.

SOLUTION: Blow drier, hair iron and a lot of muscle every morning! :z

Am I satisfied? Yes… for now. There’s more elbow grease needed to make myself look human, but who cares! I wanted a new look, and there I have it.

However, I still need to see how my locks will behave after getting wet… I might multiply and invade Manila. Gremlin? Hahaha!

NEXT: I want to go bolder, so I might go red-DER. :) I really want to go for the Haley (Paramore) look. Rock on sisters \m/

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