Everyday We’re Shufflin’! Surfcuit Training Day 5

I can say Day 5 is the most fun so far, since we were taught how to cross step! I’ve always been amazed how longboarders do it, because I myself couldn’t even get the stance right (my feet being too far apart).  They effortlessly work their way up to the nose, do hang fives or hang tens. If it were myself, I would have connected with the water in the most ungraceful way, with my board hitting me on the head. This day gave me a fighting chance to do it in the ocean!

Cross stepping apparently is more than just working your way to and from the nose of the board. You have to get the timing right, and you have to be in the right angle in the wave. On Day 3 we were taught about timing and placing to catch a wave but this day gave me an idea of what I can do when I’m already on one. And, though I don’t have a photo or video here of overcoming this in the wave pool, I was able to do it. Yes!!!  Okay fine, there were a couple of unflattering crashes because my feet were scampering all over the place. I would get too excited and rush towards the nose (or back to the tail). This day taught me to be more patient and take a bit more control of my body.  It was really great that the instructors were telling me what I was doing wrong, so I would try my best not to do it once I’m on a wave again. Finally when I was able to pleasantly cross step (*insert happy dance*), one said, “Tsamba ka lang ata eh! Isa pa at maniniwala ako!”. In my head I was yelling, “Oh no you didn’t! It’s on Kuya!” Haha! I am a bit competitive and with that challenge, I got even more driven to prove I can really do it, no tsamba added. And, I did. After a couple of tries, turning at the right part of the pool and positioning the board as they explained, led me to doing 2-3 steps forward and back without falling on my butt or face. I was able to do that a good number of times. So Kuya, you just got served! (And THANK YOU for your very “encouraging and supportive” remarks! It really did push me!)

In a week will be Day 6 of the program, the LAST day for Batch 2! Time flies by so fast! Hopefully nothing comes up so I won’t miss it. Please join me as I pray to graduate on time!

Here are some photos I took. I know there are not too many action shots, and obviously I couldn’t take photos of myself in action. But PSA did take some and I’ll share a link to that album once it’s out :)

Some yoga to warm up. Thanks Rozie for correcting our form!

Why are we doing different poses? We were doing self-practice. First time I did this with other people around too!

Cross stepping 101

Very attentive students. We were only 6 that day. A lot were sick due to the weather, even Coach Pao. :(

This should say “Caution: Karla in the pool, PLEASE GET OUT” :)

Waiting for waves to come



Look at A go! Cross stepping like a boss!

Good job!


Want to learn more about PSA or interested to join the Surfcuit Intensive Training Program? Check out the contacts and links below:

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Mobile: (+63917) 582 78 78
Website: http://philippinesurfingacademy.com/



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Letting Go of the “New” BodyRock.TV

I am / was a great fan of www.BodyRock.TV  – the “slash” will be explained further in this post. Anyway, this is to comment on the recent changes that happened to my go-to fitness site. So I suggest visit the site to learn more about it. I recommend going to the old videos with Zuzana / Zuzka Light as the host, and compare those against the new ones with Lisa-Marie leading the workouts.

I started BodyRocking sometime last year and have been telling my friends about it. I loved how accessible the workouts were and how easy it is to follow each exercise. When Zuzka left and got replaced by other hosts, I felt sad but told myself I should continue. I tried the workouts with the other hosts for a couple of months, even started some of the 1-month long challenges by Lisa. Honestly, I never finished any of the challenges because I got bored. It’s interesting that as the exercises were getting MORE complicated, they were getting MORE boring. So I went ahead and browsed thru the old BR workouts with Z there, and I noticed I don’t get sick of them, even if I do the same workout every other day. If I compare the Lisa from the Z exercises, they are more jumpy but are just boring. I mean, this is a surprise because I am constantly hyper, so I thought those moves were perfect for me. But I was wrong. I don’t know if it’s just me but that’s how I feel. So I figured to mix up old BR WO and Z’s ZWOWs — which I think are AWESOME! They are easy to remember that I just need to take 1 look and I can go on with the WO without having to stop and check the exercise list (which kills the momentum), plus there’s little to no equipment required.

The cosmetic surgery issue…

I’ve been trying to be “positive” and open to the changes with BR, but after seeing the latest workout with Lisa-Marie’s new breasts, hair and lips I felt scared. First, I was scared for her. She shouldn’t be jumping up and down less than a month after a major surgery! I was afraid her breasts will explode – like literally just burst – because  I don’t think stitches have healed yet or the implants themselves need to “settle in” more. She still looked swollen. Second, I was scared for the BodyRockers that look up to her and start having their breasts enlarged too. Yes, to each his own but the site and the people that run it have a BIG influence to their followers. That’s where the responsibility comes into play. The same influence that helped people work hard to be healthy in body and mind, is now giving an impression that “big breasts = awesome. small breasts = not good enough”. Zuzka too has fake breasts, but I think they are in proportion to her body type. She’s bigger on the hips and legs as compared to Lisa-Marie and the size of her breasts (in my opinion) compliment her whole body. Lisa-Marie had AWESOME breasts that were in proportion to her body (ectomorph) and I still think no changes had to be done. Right now I think they are too big for her frame… and her jumping up and down in them is terrifying. I bet she doesn’t feel comfortable in them, especially that she exercises daily. I know this because I am a petite girl with bigger breasts than usual – at least that’s what my friends say (FYI: they are natural and it runs in the family! haha!). I’ve always been active and having them is a challenge when it comes to exercise. I actually felt somehow relieved when she started hosting BodyRock with her perfectly proportioned, natural breasts – it felt like I was training with an athlete, so it made me feel like an athlete too. But now after the breast augmentation, it doesn’t make me feel I’m following someone that’s physically fit and healthy – instead, I feel like I’m watching soft porn. Yes, yes… Z had sexy videos too with BodyRock, but somehow I never felt that it was as provocative as the new videos. I can’t really explain it, it’s just that when I watch the workouts back to back, I feel inclined to follow Z’s.

Saying goodbye to the new, and going back to the old

I still follow the BodyRock website and do the exercises, but ONLY the old ones with Zuzana Light in them. I’m staying away from the new videos because I don’t feel motivated doing them, and again, they started to bore me. I have nothing against Lisa as a person, but I think the whole BodyRock crew need to re-think what kind of image they want to put out there, and what kind of followers they want: The REAL BodyRockers that are there to get a great workout and be healthy, or just people trying to gossip about breasts, butts and surgery + web perverts + women/girls that are looking for another reason/ excuse to not like their bodies, to find a reason to make unnecessary changes to their appearance.There is a mix of all these in the past, but the team was able to manage the site and it’s followers almost flawlessly. A community of fitness enthusiasts and health-minded folks made the site flourish. Now when I read comments, the whole thing seems to be in a huge mess. I most of the time do not workout anymore because everything’s so negative and some are irresponsible – even the message I get from the videos and posts from the hosts.

I do wish Freddy and the crew do something about this. I would say get rid of the fake breasts – they were doing fine without them, and I even felt the website could’ve survived without Zuzana there. Fine, they can’t just pull the implants out, but really…they’re distracting. Right now I just wish them the best.

(P.S. I hope they stop making videos more sexual and more porn-ish after every post. Honestly, it’s starting to get cheesy. AND, stop adding more equipment, I really don’t see the use of having an Equalizer when there’s already the Dipstation)

AND yes, I unfollowed, unsubscribed and unliked BodyRock and it’s current hosts. I’m sorry to the crew, I’ll just go back until you guys figure something out.

<3 Karla

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www.BodyRock.TV – I go back to the old videos with Zuzana in them.

H 2 the O!

Thought of this while drenching in my own sweat after yoga class today, waiting in line to fill up my tumbler with water. In between the big guy with shorter shorts than mine and a grandma that could crush my head with her biceps, I thought of water to write about in my blog… This is a sign I need to get out more. I’m blaming it on the slight dehydration. But then again, I can write about whatever I want. Haha :)

Almost every health tip site I stumble on there is a section on drinking water. Fact is it has a lot of benefits in weight management, training, and even your skin. Being hydrated makes you less bloated too, since your body doesn’t feel like holding/storing whatever water you take in. However, I do forget this or just be lazy to make sure I drink enough. To those working in an office, the water dispenser always seem to be too far so you’d opt to thirst the whole afternoon. Right?! Another excuse would be “if I keep on drinking I’ll have to pee more often, and I’m too busy to keep on stepping out the room”. I’m guilty to both. I’ve been working constantly to throw all the excuses out the window and just DRINK the stuff! Here are the ways I was able to pick up from friends, articles in magazines, online, books, as well as my own tricks on how to get more good ‘ol H2O in me!

Tip 1: Have at least a glass of water beside you before you sleep at night. Why? If you’re like me that wake up in the middle of the night, hungry, having a glass of water nearby most of the time (if not all) solves it. Remember: You might feel hungry but you might just be thirsty. So best have a glass and try sleeping again. In my case, it makes me stay away from sneaking in the kitchen to munch on leftovers I tried to stay away from from dinner. Don’t have those hunger pangs in the middle of the night? A glass of water right when you wake up in the morning is a good welcome drink for yourself for the day. It makes me say “1 down, 7 more to go!”. Plus, it stops me from binge eating during breakfast.

Tip 2: Make sure you have your own water jug/container that can hold about 2 glasses of water (around 500 mL). That way you only have to stand up at most 4 times (aiming for 8 glasses) throughout the day. Besides, if your container is too big, you won’t be able to finish the whole thing and the water would taste “bad” or not be cold enough. You’d end just up throwing and wasting it

Tip 3: Bring that container everywhere you go. I have mine that I carry around the house, at work, even on night outs (well I leave it in the car to drink driving home). When I have it with me, I remember to drink it.

Tip 4: Drink a glass of water before, a glass during, and a glass right after a meal. Makes me feel full fast, so it stops me from binge eating. One thing I learned about myself is that when food is in front of me, I’ll eat it-not a very good habit I admit. But, if I feel really full from water, I tend to order less and manage my portions better. I also notice I enjoy food more since I don’t stuff all of it in my mouth to satisfy my hunger. Saves me money, and the guilt.

Tip 5: Getting sick of tasteless water? Put a few lemon slices in a pitcher and store it in the fridge. Or you can eat fruits with high water content. I always bring 2 oranges and an apple to work for me to snack on. It stops me from going to the convenient store to buy junk food.

I love wattaaaaah!!!

<3 Karla