No More Waves?!

No no no!!! A friend posted this on Facebook and my heart just died imagining oceans of flatness… FOREVER. Sign the petition. Surfer or no surfer, this is a way for you to help the environment. Save the Waves, Save the Oceans!

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Everyday We’re Shufflin’! Surfcuit Training Day 5

I can say Day 5 is the most fun so far, since we were taught how to cross step! I’ve always been amazed how longboarders do it, because I myself couldn’t even get the stance right (my feet being too far apart).  They effortlessly work their way up to the nose, do hang fives or hang tens. If it were myself, I would have connected with the water in the most ungraceful way, with my board hitting me on the head. This day gave me a fighting chance to do it in the ocean!

Cross stepping apparently is more than just working your way to and from the nose of the board. You have to get the timing right, and you have to be in the right angle in the wave. On Day 3 we were taught about timing and placing to catch a wave but this day gave me an idea of what I can do when I’m already on one. And, though I don’t have a photo or video here of overcoming this in the wave pool, I was able to do it. Yes!!!  Okay fine, there were a couple of unflattering crashes because my feet were scampering all over the place. I would get too excited and rush towards the nose (or back to the tail). This day taught me to be more patient and take a bit more control of my body.  It was really great that the instructors were telling me what I was doing wrong, so I would try my best not to do it once I’m on a wave again. Finally when I was able to pleasantly cross step (*insert happy dance*), one said, “Tsamba ka lang ata eh! Isa pa at maniniwala ako!”. In my head I was yelling, “Oh no you didn’t! It’s on Kuya!” Haha! I am a bit competitive and with that challenge, I got even more driven to prove I can really do it, no tsamba added. And, I did. After a couple of tries, turning at the right part of the pool and positioning the board as they explained, led me to doing 2-3 steps forward and back without falling on my butt or face. I was able to do that a good number of times. So Kuya, you just got served! (And THANK YOU for your very “encouraging and supportive” remarks! It really did push me!)

In a week will be Day 6 of the program, the LAST day for Batch 2! Time flies by so fast! Hopefully nothing comes up so I won’t miss it. Please join me as I pray to graduate on time!

Here are some photos I took. I know there are not too many action shots, and obviously I couldn’t take photos of myself in action. But PSA did take some and I’ll share a link to that album once it’s out :)

Some yoga to warm up. Thanks Rozie for correcting our form!

Why are we doing different poses? We were doing self-practice. First time I did this with other people around too!

Cross stepping 101

Very attentive students. We were only 6 that day. A lot were sick due to the weather, even Coach Pao. :(

This should say “Caution: Karla in the pool, PLEASE GET OUT” :)

Waiting for waves to come



Look at A go! Cross stepping like a boss!

Good job!


Want to learn more about PSA or interested to join the Surfcuit Intensive Training Program? Check out the contacts and links below:

Tel: (+632) 631 28 05
Mobile: (+63917) 582 78 78

How about having your very own customized board? Click here for Skwala! And if you want  to see a sample, here’s my Cookie. <3

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TURN it up! Surfcuit Training Day 4

Day 4… We are more than halfway done with training and I’m pretty excited because I feel I improved already from the past 3 sessions. In between Surfcuit Sundays, I try to go to the beach and surf as much as I can. I still have a long way to go, but I do feel more confident and I have more endurance to last hours in the water. Paddling out with higher waves than I’m used to was so hard for me before, but now I panic less and I noticed I get out much faster. ESKIMO ROLL!!!!

So this day was about doing turns. “Cutback”, “Reentry”, “Top Turn”, “Bottom Turn” – terms I hear from well-seasoned (yes, maasim-asim pa!) surfer friends, and of course Youtube videos. It looks so easy when I watch them do it! Coach Paolo explained what these actually are, and how they look like in the water with the help of videos. I know it would be a long time before I master these tricks, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere!

Here is the video shown to us in slow-mo during class. We watched Lorraine do her turns (0:50) so we have an idea of how to execute the moves in the water. Really different from just watching surf vids online… it helped having a coach break down the moves for you.

I will give myself a pat on the back for only slamming once on the cement wall of the pool.  Hehe :) But it is really fun! I’m thinking a simple left or right turn will definitely save a lot of people and boards when I’m surfing – woohoo! Better dodging tactics!


Where and when should we do turns? Coach Paolo explains.


Pumpin’ for speed!

An awesomazing wahine, Lorraine Lapus, showing us how the pros do it.

Now watching Lorraine do turns and cutbacks so effortlessly! Naks! Look at me being super attentive…

Now this is me being TOO attentive. My eyes were glued on Lorraine’s arms and feet, that didn’t realize I was on her way. I’M SO SORRY!!!! :(

Smiling to hide the sheer embarrassment…

I’d say this session is quite something, since I get to see Lorraine surf up close. She was also giving us tips and correcting our form. We have awesome instructors from PSA there, but getting pointers from another girl made me feel I can really do it. I remember I’m always told, “Your legs are too far apart and you have to bend more.”, but when Lorraine told me to do it, I feel like now I’m more conscious and attentive of my body so I can correct myself. I’m really into the “girl power” kind of thing I guess :)

Day 5 coming up – Shuffling! ahem I mean Cross Stepping!


Want to learn more about PSA or interested to join the Surfcuit Intensive Training Program? Check out the contacts and links below:

Tel: (+632) 631 28 05
Mobile: (+63917) 582 78 78

How about having your very own customized board? Click here for Skwala! And if you want  to see a sample, here’s my Cookie. <3

Take your friends and family to Club Manila East Resort in Taytay, Rizal too! Share the stoke!

Project Starfish: Operation “Hey I Just Met You”

And this is crazy…
Here’s my baby…
I call him “Cookie”! :)

(Don’t even ask about the title of this post… just a really bad case of LSS for more than a week now!)

Wooohooooooo!!! I got him already. Naming my baby Wacks a.k.a my “Cookie”, from the 90s show TGIS. :) Why?! Because almost all my life I’ve been introduced as “the dancer/cheerleader”… then a question will follow, “Who does she look like?!”. The answer: Angelu De Leon! I have happily accepted being her doppelganger and take it as a very nice compliment. Please see below for proof.

Me vs. The Real Deal

So there, I thought I’d give my new boyfriend Bobby’s famous role in the TV series too. He’s my Cookie, I’m his Pancake (my goodness, this is so cheesy!)

To those asking themselves “Who the heck are these people?” and “What’s TGIS?” you probably didn’t grow up in the Philippines, or you were just born in the last decade. And, I do feel sorry for you… the 90’s is ze best decade ever!

Okay, enough about that. The whole point of this post is to show off my first surfboard from Skwala made by Din Litangan (whom I still owe a couple of beers because he worked even Saturdays just to finish it… Din, I won’t forget!). Thank you so much! I love my board!!!

Here is my trophy lover for all of you to drool on!  I really can’t wait to try this baby!

Actually, I did lay my board on my bed, got on it and “air paddled”. I was smiling the whole freakin’ time!!!

Specs: Funboard (clear epoxy) 7’8″ X 21 X 2 3/4 ; nose rider = Perfect for a beginner like me.

Location: Skwala’s Yard, our Driveway and my room

Yes, this is a 7’8″. I’m just really tiny!

Hello Waves… Come baby come…

Baby, baby, come come!

Check out Skwala’s Facebook for more of their work and contact details! –

Boracay NOT in Instagram

These shots were taken by my friend Pauee Cadaing from our trip last month. Great photos worth sharing :)

What were used:

  1. LC-A + with Lomography Xpro 200 and Lomography CN 100 (first 3 photos)
  2. Kodak Ultramax 400 and Kodak Ektachrome E100GX (the rest of the photos

(Don’t ask me about these terms, as you can see I only posed in front of the camera. HAHA :P)

Check out these links for her work:

Paulution Photography on Facebook

Paulution Photography on Multiply