Be at the right place, at the right time. Surfcuit Training Day 3


(Updated! Yey I have photos!!!)

The 3rd day of training was about timing and placing. How do I know where and when pop-up? Of course waves in the pool are a bit different, but the principle is the same. Find the right spot, paddle with the right amount of effort, at the right time. I remember how I’d paddle before I started Surfcuit training… I just paddle – FOR MY LIFE. That’s it. I think just do more work and I’ll catch the wave. I learned that that’s not practical. Well to start it off, I’m a little girl with not-so-strong guns so it takes me a lot of paddling to even just go out to sea. By the time I’m in the line up, my arms would feel weak already. Then I’d start paddling like a zombie surfer is chasing me even when the wave is still far away. When it’s right behind me, I run out of juice and my arms turn to jello. What happens? I miss the wave, turn back around and wait for another one. It’s the same EVERY TIME I go out. Surfcuit is training me to not waste so much energy at times that I don’t really have to exert so much. They would say “relax”… I’d whisper to myself “Chill ka lang.” Then when the wave’s near I’d shout in my head (and sometimes, embarrassingly out loud) “You better paddle the sh*t out of you woman! Crank it!”.

One thing I know I’m getting better at is turning. I can’t do maneuvers like Piso or Nilvie, but I can turn enough to not smack my face onto the wall. The pool’s design makes the lip/peak be on the left-most side, where a concrete wall decided to exist. So how do you catch the wave and get a long ride? Hug the wall. Well fine, of course not literally hug it, but try your best to stay near that side. It was scary at first but the instructors had a way to make you stay there and face your fear. They stood at the right side, formed a wall of yelling military officers telling you where to turn and correcting your form. You either do what they say or hit them and kill your ride. Kind of funny but it did work.

To end the sesh, we did cool drills. You know that scene in Blue Crush where they were training for the competition? Yes, that scene where they were at the bottom of the ocean, walking with a rock? We did that… I DID THAT. Haha! Fine, it was in a pool, and we used a big %^$ mineral water bottle filled with sand (the one for dispensers). Man, it was HEAVY even under water! We walked back and forth carrying that while holding our breath. I felt like such a pro even when I had to come up a couple of times for air!

So the question is – did I get to catch my own wave? Answer: No..not yet. It is a lot more difficult to get one in the pool, since the waves don’t have that much power, which means I really have to compensate with my paddling “prowess”. Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so… because when I am able to catch a wave in that pool, even once, it will be a lot easier in the ocean. This is a theory I have and my goal now is to be a lot stronger for the real thing. Wish me luck :)

I got a hold of the photos from Day 3 :) Thank you PSA and Soul Purpose Media, Inc.!

Poi drills before yoga. Photo c/o Soul Purpose Media, Inc.


It looks like I know what I’m doing… emphasis on the “looks like”.  Photo c/o Soul Purpose Media, Inc.


Triangle poses :) Photo c/o Soul Purpose Media, Inc.


Waiting for waves.  Photo c/o Soul Purpose Media, Inc.


This pool churned out higher waves! Photo c/o Soul Purpose Media, Inc.


Go Earl! Photo c/o Soul Purpose Media, Inc.


Paddle and pop-up drills. Photo c/o Soul Purpose Media, Inc.


Nice one Randel!  Photo c/o Soul Purpose Media, Inc.


I was uhm… hmmm… about to do a cat pose!? (yeah, right…) Photo c/o Soul Purpose Media, Inc.


This was just released: Sharing with you this cool video of the Surcuiteers in action from Day 2. I’m in the purple rash guard. Hehe.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!!! I want you to get jealous that we got not one, but TWO free class cards for Capoeira!!! I’ve always been curious and now I have the chance to try it! I already went to one class, and I can’t wait to write about it here! Oh my goodness it was fun! For now, check out the Escola Brasileira de Capoeira – Philippines Facebook page or their website for more information. Thank you PSA! So many freebies! <3


Want to learn more about PSA or interested to join the Surfcuit Intensive Training Program? Check out the contacts and links below:

Tel: (+632) 631 28 05
Mobile: (+63917) 582 78 78

How about having your very own customized board? Click here for Skwala! And if you want  to see a sample, here’s my Cookie. <3

Take your friends and family to Club Manila East Resort in Taytay, Rizal too! Share the stoke!


Project Starfish: Operation “Hey I Just Met You”

And this is crazy…
Here’s my baby…
I call him “Cookie”! :)

(Don’t even ask about the title of this post… just a really bad case of LSS for more than a week now!)

Wooohooooooo!!! I got him already. Naming my baby Wacks a.k.a my “Cookie”, from the 90s show TGIS. :) Why?! Because almost all my life I’ve been introduced as “the dancer/cheerleader”… then a question will follow, “Who does she look like?!”. The answer: Angelu De Leon! I have happily accepted being her doppelganger and take it as a very nice compliment. Please see below for proof.

Me vs. The Real Deal

So there, I thought I’d give my new boyfriend Bobby’s famous role in the TV series too. He’s my Cookie, I’m his Pancake (my goodness, this is so cheesy!)

To those asking themselves “Who the heck are these people?” and “What’s TGIS?” you probably didn’t grow up in the Philippines, or you were just born in the last decade. And, I do feel sorry for you… the 90’s is ze best decade ever!

Okay, enough about that. The whole point of this post is to show off my first surfboard from Skwala made by Din Litangan (whom I still owe a couple of beers because he worked even Saturdays just to finish it… Din, I won’t forget!). Thank you so much! I love my board!!!

Here is my trophy lover for all of you to drool on!  I really can’t wait to try this baby!

Actually, I did lay my board on my bed, got on it and “air paddled”. I was smiling the whole freakin’ time!!!

Specs: Funboard (clear epoxy) 7’8″ X 21 X 2 3/4 ; nose rider = Perfect for a beginner like me.

Location: Skwala’s Yard, our Driveway and my room

Yes, this is a 7’8″. I’m just really tiny!

Hello Waves… Come baby come…

Baby, baby, come come!

Check out Skwala’s Facebook for more of their work and contact details! –

Final Baking Session for April 2012

I got home from Boracay yesterday and I would say the Karla Cook-off is a success. I didn’t get to party hard as I expected, but the sun and sand didn’t disappoint. There will always be next year :)

Here are photos from one of the Philippines’ gems :) And check out the really, REALLY tan me!




Swimming with the fishies! Hey! I found Nemo!!!









Party Sunset


i love bananas!


Here's comparing myself to someone originally waaaay darker than me. haha! Now's he's my brotha! :)


Comparing myself with someone waaaaay whiter than me!



Thanks Boracay! CHEERS!

Baler (April 2012)

Just got home from this month’s surf trip, and I thought of sharing some photos from my phone. They don’t show the waves we surfed though, because of course, I’d be in the water when they looked good. Ha!

Skin color check: My face is burnt red. And my nose hurts… I love it!

Anyway, I’m still pretty ecstatic about catching my own waves on a 7’6″ board. I can’t wait for next month’s trip. Working to get better at it… Got to paddle harder! :)

Sun peeking. Taken right when we got to our room for the weekend.

Breakfast View.

While resting after surfing for the morning. I love the balcony view! :)

Second day. :)